BOOK REVIEW: Conquering Depression In The Golden Years

A New Book from New York City Geriatric Psychiatrist that Describes a Proven AtHome Regimen that Helps Elderly Patients Recover from Depression

By Valentin Bragin, M.D., Ph.D. — Reviewed by Anita Finley

Depression hurts at any age, but in the elderly it causes and exacerbates a myriad of other conditions, affecting every organ in the body. Yet according to Dr. Valentin Bragin, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and Director of the Stress Relief and Memory Training Center in Brooklyn, New York, a multifaceted treatment program involving medication, simple physical and mental exercises, and diet modifications can dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of depressed elders. His new book, Conquering Depression in the Golden Years, provides an easytounderstand overview of how depression affects health, along with details on his proven depressionfighting regimen.

“As a firstyear psychiatric resident, I saw my aunt become more and more burdened with medical problems that I now believe stemmed from depression,” recalls Dr. Bragin. “After intense study and clinical observation, I created a program of medications, vitamins and supplements, psychotherapy, gently physical exercises, sensory activation techniques and memory games that in combination activate the body’s natural power of restoration so that elderly patients recover from depression.”

For those suffering from depression, their families and caregivers, Conquering Depression in the Golden Years explains the causes of depression and why it is particularly devastating for the elderly. Dr. Bragin’s detailed treatment program includes nutritional tips and recipes and recommended lifestyle changes, as well as mental and physical exercises to be performed three times or more each day in 1215 minute stints of undivided attention, including:

About the author:

ValentinBragin,M.D.,Ph.D. is the founder of the Stress Relief and Memory Training Center (SRMTC). He has focused on the rehabilitation of cognitive functions in the older adults who suffer from depression and dementia. His mission is to utilize the brain’s own reserves, which can be activated at any age.

Conquering Depression in the Golden Years by Valentin Bragin, M.D., Ph.D., published by Langdon Street Press, is a 181 page paperback retailing for $15.95. For further information, please call (612)455-2293. Dr. Bragin is available for interviews. his book is also available at
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